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Stock Up on Travel Snacks and Drinks

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It may seem odd to highlight a small grocery store, but the Trader Joe's in Palm Desert is a traveler's dream. Here you'll find tasty snacks, unique soft drinks, beer and wine, crackers and chips, and homemade bread and baked goods. You can also pick up artisanal cheeses and meats along with fresh fruits and vegetables. The bags of trail mixes and nuts are perfect to bring on day trips and hikes. Some of my favorite items include the dark-chocolate covered almonds, cartons of peanut butter cups, and dried fruits. If your hotel room has a kitchenette, consider stocking up on a few precooked meals and frozen treats. Want to add a personal touch to your home away from home? You can even pick up some fresh flowers or a small houseplant. Prices for everything are reasonable, and the options are plentiful.

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