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Yummy Snacks & Beverages for Travelers!

Is it odd to highlight a small grocery store as a travel destination? Consider this: At Trader Joe's, a vacationer staying in a typical Palm Desert/Palm Springs hotel with kitchenette will score the following:
• lots of yummy snacks
• soft drinks, teas, beer and wine, champagne
• artisanal crackers, kettle corn and chips
• a wide assortment of cheeses and luncheon meats
• homemade bread, cookies and scones
• fresh fruits and veggies (some already prepared for microwaving)
• salad makings
• a variety of nuts, seeds, and trail mixes
• did I mention the CHOCOLATE? It comes in all shapes and sizes. My favorite: dark-chocolate covered almonds.
You can also get peanut butter cups in milk or dark chocolate, huge chocolate bars, dried fruits and sunflower seeds dipped in get the idea.
In the freezer: delicious pre-cooked meals for microwaving (Chinese, Mexican, Italian), quality seafood, pizza imported from Italy, vegetables, quinoa, rice dishes, gluten-free foods, ice cream and other frozen deserts (try the tiramisu), and so much more.
Recommended: lemon-pepper pasta and (my personal fave) Trader Joe's puttanesca sauce, better than any restaurant can offer.
Looking to personalize your hotel room? Pick up some fresh sunflowers, orchids, or a small houseplant. Prices are reasonable, and the assortment is tasteful.
I impress my out-of-town guests with gourmet delights from TJ's, and I recommend this store to budget travelers seeking healthy, delicious meals and snacks.

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