Best places to take tea in London
It’s hard to choose the best place to take tea in London. Should you take afternoon tea in the lush, sophisticated surroundings of London’s best hotels, with a view over London’s iconic landmarks or in Soho’s secret tea room? No matter the setting, you’ll spend afternoon tea enjoying tiny sandwiches, warm scones, tiny cakes and pots of jam and clotted cream.

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Lunch at the Wolseley

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It's pronounced "Wool-zee," and it's a former showroom for the smart old cars that bear its name. Now a restaurant, it's been restored to its original 1930s glamour with a gorgeous art deco slant—and the food's not bad either. If you want a true taste of old Mayfair and St James—from the days when the streets were full of men in top hats carrying canes, and everyone had a gentleman's gentleman called Jeeves or Bunter—then a smart lunch at the Wolseley can take you back in time. The food is classic British—and yes, that means there's often offal on the menu, as well as retro dishes like Lemon Sole—and the service is fabulous. Anything with eggs is a must—the souffle is particularly brilliant—and they do a marvellous breakfast or afternoon tea.

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by Emma John
AFAR Local Expert
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