A Guide to Boston's Green Spaces
Although Boston is one of America's oldest cities, it has made huge strides towards a sustainable future. For travelers who like to get outdoors, you'll find a city that prides itself with parks and green spaces. The Kennedy Green-way, Freedom Trail and Harbor-walk provide miles of trails to take you through the unique Boston neighborhoods. Parks are second to none, with The Public Garden, America's first public park being the crown jewel in Boston's Emerald Green Necklace.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Bostonians breathed a sigh of relief when the Central Artery/Big Dig project was finally completed. The resulting 40 acres of prime real estate are a gift to the environment and residents of the city. Cutting right through central downtown and the waterfront, a green pathway is there for all to enjoy, walk and find respite. Artwork, outdoor sculptures and performances keep it active and filled with people at all times of day.

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by Alison Abbott
AFAR Local Expert
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