Hotels A Grown-Up Backpacker Would Enjoy
Back in the day you approached traveling the way you approached booze—if it did the job, you'd take it. Now you exercise a little more discretion in your lodging (and beverage) choices, but you miss the adventure that comes with sleeping in a room full of strangers in Amsterdam. These 19 accommodations conjure a youthful spirit that plays nice with luxury. And you won't have to share the shower.

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Tableside Cocktails at The NoMad Hotel, New York

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Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, the duo behind New York’s acclaimed Eleven Madison Park restaurant, have made this hotel a destination for discerning diners. A custom bar cart comes to the table with a drawer of ice cubes, recipe cards, mixers, artisanal bitters, and the bottle of your choice, so you can mix your own concoction.

French designer Jacques Garcia found inspiration in the Parisian flat of his youth for the look of the hotel. In the evenings, the two-tier mezzanine space just off the bar becomes a lounge where you’ll find more people drinking than reading.

From $395. 1170 Broadway, (212) 796-1500. This appeared in the May 2013 issue.

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by Jen Murphy
AFAR Editor
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