Multicultural Restaurant Mix, Toronto
Toronto's cultural melting pot shows in its food. From Little India to Little Portugal, and Koreatown to Little Italy, you’re likely to find it in Toronto—sometimes right next to each other, and sometimes all mixed up in culinary blending acts!

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Poutine in Toronto

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If you ask someone in Toronto where to get great poutine in Toronto, there's going to be a debate. It doesn't matter if it originated in Quebec, Torontonians love their cheese curd, gravy and fries mash-up.

So where to go? Some will say Smoke's Poutinerie (I approve); others will say Poutini's House of Poutine (great name with the subtitle of "Om Nom Nom" on their sign but I'm not overly impressed).

My pick is The Lakeview. Located in the heart of new nightlife central spot, Ossington and Dundas, you can get a few different options of poutine here. My go-to is the pulled pork poutine. The gravy is thick. The fries are hot. And the pulled pork is plentiful. The best part? It's open 24-7.

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by Natalie Taylor
AFAR Local Expert
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