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Music untouched by human hands

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Those lovers of architecture making a pilgrimage to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin are either shocked or bemused to find their trail guarded by The House on the Rock, a classic of American roadside kitsch that can not be explained but has to be experienced. Think of the largest garage sale you can imagine and you will still be short of describing the barrage of images, sounds, oddities, and, only in the loosest sense of the word, art collected in one place. Cannon, clocks, and piggy banks are but a small part of the catalog.The accompanying picture is of "The Mikado" a room sized mechatronic band. It is but one of dozens such bands which are not always quite in tune. Yes, it is bizarre. Yes, it is not to be missed. Take videos or many years from now you will never be able to explain it to your grand children.

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