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Punch and Judy Sunset in Olney

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In the town of Olney, on 09 December, during the Christmas Market as the sun was setting -- I witnessed one of the most well known of British traditions: a Punch and Judy show.

It's a day of cheer, merriment, celebration and costumed citizens. Walking around with mulled wine in hand, three layers of wool to shut out the frigid wind and a camera to capture the action it was easy to get in the holiday spirit.

They call it the Dickens Fair and because Olney is so traditional a British town, it's not a stretch. Performances like Punch and Judy don't seem out of place, reenactments aren't unusual and when a Penny Farthing passes you by you won't even blink!

As you walk to your car to go back to your modern home, the sun setting the sky behind you ablaze, you might just wonder if they didn't have the right idea back in the time of Dickens.

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by Kirsten Alana
AFAR Local Expert
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