Watering Hole, Thar Desert, Rajasthan State, India.

Camels spit, but they don't suck - at least not when they're thundering across the golden sand of the Thar Desert toward the Pakistan border.

We organized a tour/camping trip through the Tokyo Hotel in Jaisalmer (yes, Tokyo Hotel. Awesome little joint if you ever get a chance to visit), and set out on our camels for 24 hours of fun. We asked our jockeys to stop at this watering hole for a few minutes so that we could photograph the locals and their animals - it's not every day that you come across a pond in the desert, you know? We watched this young man fill his camel's packs with gallons of water and marveled when local ladies came out of the sand in their beautiful saris and filled their own steel containers with water before hoisting them above their heads and carrying on.

Then we were off - to spend a night rolling in the sand.

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