Desert Love
I get strength from the desert. It's sitting on the spine of a dune at sunrise or undulating on the back of a camel or pushing my own feet into soft sand. It's existing around nothing and feeling small and large at the same time. It's looking up to a sea of stars and indigo and out to sand and gold. It's sunsets that bleed and horizons that bend. It's like Heaven said, here Kristin, sit down, rest and have a piece of me to fortify your bones and expand your breath, I am here.

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Sand Dunes, Thar Desert, Rajasthan State, India.

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So long as you don't mind a little bit of sand in your knickers, a night in the Thar Desert under a star lit sky is an experience unlike anything you've experienced in your entire life.

We rode out into the desert on ill-tempered camels, bouncing and bopping so hard I thought I would crash back to earth at any moment. Our guides tossed a few bedrolls and pillows onto the sand and told us to enjoy ourselves - and watch out for scorpions (though I well and truly believe that they were only kidding).

We wrapped ourselves in blankets and marveled at the constellations overhead - The Stooges, Mel Gibson, and the Flying Camel being my favorites - and marveled at the quiet of the night. Though India is home to well over a billion people, it felt as if we were alone out there in the desert. And then our camel farted, and we knew we were not alone.

Just about every taxi driver or hotel operator in Delhi or nearby Jaisalmer can put together a camel tour for you - and I suggest you do it. At roughly $20, it's a steal of an experience.

Photo Note:
I put my camera on a tripod for this frame, opened the shutter for about a minute and a half, and popped off a few quick flashes with a handheld speedlight to illuminate the cart and our guide. A large aperture helped expose the stars, while a shutter speed of roughly 30 seconds helped keep them in place.

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by Flash Parker
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