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Handle with care

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"Tourist claptrap," harrumph the grumpies in your travel group, dismissing the tables laid out with bowls and dishes and, yeah ok, keychains and the like.

It's true that in every single town we visited in southern Tunisia (such as here in Tataouine), dozens of dainty bowls like these were stacked, hopeful and waiting to be purchased by groups of tourists.

But I lingered over a few and chose a bowl I specifically liked, and chatted with the vendor who wrapped it carefully multiple times in newspaper, and carried it carefully through multiple airports in my carry-on. And now the bowl that is sitting in my home in the U.S., which was once one of many many many similar bowls, is one of my favorite possessions in the house and a permanent reminder of the market in Tunisia where I purchased it.

So...just deal with that, grumps.

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by Jessica S.
AFAR Contributor
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