Table Mountain National Park
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Southern Africa Travel Tips - Table Mountain
While many cities around the world are famous for their city skyline, Cape Town’s skyline is made up of one particularly interesting feature, known as Table Mountain. The hill is absolutely breathtaking both on top and viewed from below. It is a piece of natural beauty that provides the backdrop for this beautiful city, and a great place to relax on a clear day. Presently there are laws protecting the hill, and even about how tall buildings are allowed to be around it, so the view of the hill is fairly un-obstructed

There are really two different phases to Table Mountain, there is the hill you see on a clear day, and then there's the hill with a beautiful white cloud covering the top (known as the Table Cloth). If you're planning to visit Table Mountain, you can only go up when the Table Cloth is gone. Since the cloth is fairly unpredictable, it's a good idea to plan on going up as soon as possible, but have alternative plans in case you can't. The Table Mountain website has a weather report and Table Cloth warnings to help you plan your visit. Once you go up the hill, the views are spectacular, and the city and surrounding area can be enjoyed while strolling along well-maintained pathways. There are a few pathways that are a bit challenging, however most are very easy.

As for viewing Table Mountain from the ground, there are thousands of options. One great spot to look and photograph the hill is in The Company Garden's, you can't sit and just watch the Table Cloth stream down the sides of the hill. For a wider view of Table Mountain, head down to the waterfront near the Cape Wheel ferris wheel.
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