Where Rock and Water Meet
The greens, the blues, the browns. Throw in a cliff diver or two, and some crashing waves. The drama of cliffside views—from remote Galapagos to entirely accessible Sutro Baths in San Francisco—never gets old.

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Step back in time at the Sutro Baths

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While hiking through the Lands End area of San Francisco I came across this gem. Built in the late 19th century as the world's largest indoor swimming pool complex, visitors could take a dip in one of the seven pools or take a stroll through a museum containing the eclectic artifacts collected by the Bath's owner and former mayor of San Francisco, Adolph Sutro. The building burned down in a fire in 1966 and the area was abandoned, but it is still a very unique and photograph-worthy spot. I felt like I had been transported to some European ruin of an ancient bath house, momentarily forgetting that I was actually in California!

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