The Foodie Guide to Hong Kong
8 of my favourite foodie finds in Hong Kong; from traditional crispy pork joints to fine dining on top of the world.

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Traditional Crispy Duck in Hong Kong

I'll admit, I wanted to ease myself into Hong Kong's food scene. I pictured a nice sit-down restaurant with menus in English. My husband wasn't having any of it. Steps from our hotel, he saw pork hanging in windows and he wanted it now.

We sat ourselves at the tiny plastic table, glanced at the decidedly non-English menu and pointed to our preferences. Slow roast pork for him, crispy duck for me. Our waitress, likely the chef's wife from their banter, spoke some English and promptly got us sorted.

As we waited, the restaurant bustled with people coming and going at the take-away window. Then, a whole pig was delivered and my husband salivated while the owner carefully weighed and hung it up.

Our food arrived: piles of juicy meat with crunchy skin atop a bed of fluffy white rice. For under 10$ USD we had the perfect introduction to the Hong Kong food scene.

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