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Eat Like a Local at Mumbai's Chowpatty Beach

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If you're planning a trip to India, some of the first topics you'll most likely receive travel advice on are vaccinations, to drink only bottled water and what to eat and not eat. Most people may advise you to stay away from street food. After 2 trips to India, I beg to differ. Sunset at Chowpatty beach in Mumbai is special. There is a full area of 'street food' kiosks set up with mats on the ground for you to take your shoes off, enjoy the local cuisine and take in the sights and sounds. We had some kind of puffed rice balls covered in Indian deliciousness, and it was all made right in front of us, like a waterfront gourmet restaurant experience for just a few rupees. We had fantastic food throughout our trip to India, and this was a definite highlight!

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by Ashley Castle
AFAR Contributor
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