The World's Most Coveted Culinary Experiences
Foodies make pilgrimages from around the globe to dine at gastronomic temples such as Noma in Copenhagen and Eleven Madison Park in NYC. For pure indulgence, book a stay at Blackberry Farm, a hotel that can make all of your culinary fantasies come true.

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Steak Straight from the Butcher Shop

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You can find this place by looking for a giant line outside a Kichijoji butcher shop that usually snakes across the street, around the bend, and requires multiple employees to manage. The line is for deep-fried beef balls: breaded lard bombs filled with a tiny morsel of the finest Matsuzaka beef and costing about ten bucks. Up above is a tiny steakhouse, open for lunch only, called Satou, which is run by the butcher shop. Steak Satou offers the highest quality Japanese beef at very reasonable prices relative to what other restaurants charge. Do plan on paying at least a hundred bucks for lunch. It's worth it.

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by Tom Downey
AFAR Contributing Writer
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