London's cheap eats
London's an expensive city, especially when you're eating out often. Here are a few places where you can stretch your budget.

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Cozy Cafe on the East Side

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The name might include the word "spit," but don't be deterred: Spit Jacks is sublime, and spit-free. In the middle of the village area bordering Victoria Park on the east side of London, it's not centrally located yet is more than worth the hike.

The cozy brick walls, farmhouse wood tables, and seating in close proximity to other patrons make the place feel a bit like the flat of a good friend. The food won't change your mind for the worse, as it's both unpretentious and yet seriously good at the same time.

The menu features classic British fare like roast chicken, but most items are Spanish or Mexican in some bent. My chorizo and rocket sandwich with garlic aioli was one of the best I have ever had. And I don't tend to enjoy sandwiches.

Next time I return, after a tube and bus ride, I plan to dig into the tapas. Spit Jacks manages to have everything that's terrific about a cozy London cafe, with all of the splendor of Spain's flavors and ingredients. Definitely worth the journey east.

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by Kirsten Alana
AFAR Local Expert
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