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Teleport to Tropical Asia for Lunch or Dinner

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Walking through the gate at Spirit House feels a bit like you've teleported to an alternate universe. On the outside - a little dirt road in a little hinterland town, with llamas in a paddock across the way. On the inside - walls of bamboo 3 stories tall, gentle stone statues, winding paths, water. You get the sensation that time's shifted.

This place has a reputation as being something special, and it definitely is. The restaurant itself winds through the foliage around a pond, and almost every seat has a view.

And the food? Incredible. The menu's centred on fresh, flavourful Asian fusion, with lightness and spiciness in equal measure. This is a place for sharing as many different things as possible, and though it has vegetarian options (which I enjoyed), go with meat- or fish-lovers and you'll be even happier.

Do not miss the banana creme brulee.

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