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Bike Melbourne

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Every once in a while you find yourself in one of the world's great "bike cities." Examples are Portland, Oregon; Fukuoka and Kyoto, Japan; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. These are cities where the bicycle prevails and is an integral part of each city's culture. Melbourne, Australia is one of these amazing cities.

Bicycling in Melbourne is accessible and safe. Bike lanes are everywhere and well marked, and a bike can easily be obtained through the Melbourne Bike Share program at centers throughout the city, or at a bike shop like the "Humble Vintage." A bicycle makes it easy to hit all of Melbourne's great attractions, from the beach at St. Kilda, to the boutiques and cafes in Fitzroy.

I recommend riding the entire Capital City Bike Trail that takes you on a 30km trip around the city. This trail can also be a great route up to the CERES Environmental Park, which is another one of Melbourne's highlights!

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by Rey Madolora
AFAR Local Expert
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