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La Jolla Seal Colony

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On our 2 week trip across California, we stopped off at "The Casa Beach" to check out the renowned La Jolla seal colony. It's very interesting to encounter a wild seal colony after having just driven through one of La Jolla's high end shopping drags to get there. One moment, you're passing by a swanky store and the next minute, you're on a beach looking out at a beautiful colony of seals. There is a small jetty that extends right off of Coast Blvd. From the jetty access point by the road, you can either head down to walk across the jetty or you can descend down to the small enclosed crescent-shaped patch of sand below.

When we were there, right before sunset, there were few seals on the beach. Almost all of them were on the flat, partially submerged rocks in front of the jetty. I happened to catch one loner swim up onto the beach and then scoot his way up the beach and onto what was apparently his special rock. He gave me a suspicious glance as I composed my shot of him. Afterward, we were treated to a world class sunset over The Pacific on the jetty wall. Highly recommended.

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