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Wicked Forest

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A post about Skookumhcuck Narrows seems like it should be focused on the amazing body of water at the end of the trail, but our timing was off and we missed the impressive ebb and flow for the day. If you're up and around the Sunshine Coast, definitely make time to do this and grab a tide chart (online or at any of the resorts) so you can be there when the big water is rushing through.

Or, if the twice daily events don't fit in with your schedule, still take the hike (very easy) and marvel at the amazing forest that brings you to the Sechelt Inlet. Step moss covers and hangs off every tree, huge ferns line the trail almost the entire way, and myriad shades of green contrast with (most probably) overcast skys and red soil.

I usually hike with the end point in mind, but on this day the experience through the forest was what we took home with us.

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by Kevin Favro
AFAR Staff
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