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Only in Maine

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Silly's is one of the most unique restaurants in the world. It is hard to describe exactly what makes it different, it's just silly. In the summer make sure to get out and enjoy the beautiful back patio.

Silly's has managed to fit more options on a one page menu than any restaurant I've ever been to and every option is absolutely delicious. The restaurant has an extensive selection of burritos, pizzas, burgers, salads, milkshakes, desserts, local beers, finger foods, and breakfast foods. I can honestly say I've never had a meal I didn't love here!

From Silly's you're a short drive to Portland's Old Port and a walk from the Eastern Prom - a great place to catch a sunset and a smoothie - as well as other local bars and restaurants.

Bumper stickers throughout the city urge you to "Buy Local" and "Keep Portland Weird." At Silly's you will be doing both and having a great meal (probably with leftovers) to boot!

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by Sam Barns
AFAR Local Expert
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