If You Only Have Three Days in Portland
An extended weekend goes a long way in getting you into the Portland vibe. This collection will keep you fed and entertained for every day of your visit.

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Here Again, and Back for More

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We are creatures of habit. Shackled to our past transgressions without apology. Silk is where we tend to end up when we're not quite done for the evening and still a bit hungry or thirsty. Depending on the hour, we'll cozy up in the uncluttered lounge and work off the bar menu, which is substantial. The food is exceptional and very authentic. We spent three weeks in Vietnam, and the food at Silk is as close as you'll get without a plane ticket. The fresh salad rolls are a great start. The Banh Mi selection includes a fish choice, something I haven't seen since Hanoi. The drunken noodles are a hit and so are the ribs. Pick any, pick often.

The Pearl district has lots of food choices. But for great food and wonderful environment, Silk is a destination at the top of our list. If we were to have a hangout in Portland to name a table for continued use, it would be here. The wait staff is typically Portland and they know the regulars (me). Specialty drinks and classics exceed the standard in execution and ROI. The restaurant has great ambience and a wider choice menu for a more formal dining fete. Prices are also a splendid value.

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by Jay Rymeski
AFAR Local Expert
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