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Bizarre Hyderabad Shoe Bazaar

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This is not a sale. This is not a going out of business clearance special. This is not the day after Thanksgiving in the US. This is a shoe store in Hyderabad. Correction, this is pretty much any shore store in Hyderabad on any given day. I was fascinated by the amount of activity at shoe stores in this city, and I even inquired with some locals to make sure it wasn't a fluke. We were trying to buy shoes for a wedding, but were unable to navigate the crowds in the stores. The solution: there are many street vendors that will gladly fit you for a pair of shoes in a fraction of the time that it would take in a store. In all my travels, I've still never seen anything quite like it. Unless it's the day after Thanksgiving in the US, then it's worse.

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by Matthew Keesecker
AFAR Local Expert
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