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Cats of the Serengeti

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A Serengeti safari should be at the top of every traveler's to do list.

Many tours are pricey, but affordable journeys can be found. You may not spend your nights in fancy tents or eating gourmet meals, but a low-budget trip can be an amazing adventure.

I purchased my package while in Arusha, but it's easy to find outfitters online. The company I went with provided us with tents, a driver, a cook and a guard. I got to know these local experts and all 10 of my fellow travelers very well over the next 8 days.

We spent seven days looking at an incredible array of animals, but all of us were straining to spot at least one lion. It was on the final day of our bumpy drive across the park that we came upon a pride of them.

Pictures don't do these creatures justice. Much like house cats, they are a curious combination of sleepy and playful, but lions are a nature's kings because they are inexplicably regal.

As soon as I returned from my first journey to Africa, I adopted a kitten. He's from Brooklyn, but he's got a bit of the Serengeti in him.

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by Kiara Downey
AFAR Local Expert
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