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There's Something About Hokkaido Milk

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I've often heard about Hokkaido milk being really popular and special. In fact, everything Hokkaido-related like its chocolates, butter, cakes, ice creams, and even bread are extra special. Well, they all use the same raw ingredient: Hokkaido milk.

So what is it with Hokkaido milk that makes it really great? I'm not a big milk drinker but I can tell that Hokkaido milk is more special. I guess it's the freshness, creamy yet light and refreshing, and the natural flavor that it comes with it. Difficult to describe through words the uniqueness of its taste, but definitely, it's in what they feed their cows over there, haha!

During this trip, I got to taste the fresh farm milk as well as the milk in bottles sold everywhere in Hokkaido, and they both taste really fresh, even the ones already flavored with chocolate.

What's the secret? Only Hokkaido knows :-)

If you get a chance to visit Japan and love food, do make a trip to Hokkaido, it's really an amazing region of its own. With the ability to be self-sufficient, most of the things, they produce and supply themselves. You can fly into Chitose Airport in Sapporo, and from there, explore the other cities. Two popular itineraries cover the Southwestern region and the Eastern region each.

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by Tina Lim
AFAR Local Expert
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