Cities We Love: Best Places for Authentic Shopping
Snapshots are fine, but play it right and you’ll come out of the world’s best markets with a truly covetable keepsake, too.

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Hang with the Cool Kids at Saphan Phut Market

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Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge) market is the alternative to the tourist obliterated markets of Bangkok. The crowd here is 100% locals and teenagers, and it makes for some great people-watching.

I had my tarot cards read here in enthusiastic if not entirely fluent English, and the experience was, to say the least, unique.

You can pick up everything from vintage T-shirts to computer memory sticks shaped like ice cream or Mini Mouse. Food stalls are set out along the way, too, so you can snack and shop.

The market is open 8 p.m. to midnight every evening.

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