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My SF highlights!

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AT&T Park and the Cable Cars were my highlights. The cable car is fun and let my imagination run wild with how things could've been "back in the day". Definitely do it.

The MUNI 3 day pass (in our case) was so worth it as we used the bus system and were able to ride the cable car as much as we wanted.

Alcatraz (yes a tourist trap) was kinda neat...though (as with a lot of other things in SF) felt commercialized.

AT&T Park has to be the prettiest ball park I've been to. Compared to Oakland across the bay, wow big difference! Must see if you love baseball.

I love food. Real local food. And I wish I could say I loved the food here but overall my impression of SF food was" eh" (Gary Danko, Park Tavern, Pier restaurant hopping.) My favorite I guess would be Brenda's French Soul Food for their beignets. Yum.

I was hoping (and thought I did my usual travel research) to find the real SF and it feels like I missed the mark.

And seriously something has to be done with the homeless. I was forewarned but I think it was a little excessive...and kinda scary!

Everyone kept saying we should make the trip to Napa while there and unless something changes our mind I'm pretty sure next time Napa will be the only place we'll be headed if/when we return to that area.

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