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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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I was wandering around Phnom Penh at dusk and noticed a huge building magnificently lit up down the street so I walked over and was instantly in the middle of thousands of people - in front of the Royal Palace 2 blocks from my hotel.

The King died on Oct 15 and for 3 months he lies in the palace while outside people honor him with prayers, flowers, and incense. It was an incredibly moving experience to see this life-changing event for Cambodia.

I was in town waiting to get my visa for Burma. I stayed in Phnom Penh 10 days and discovered the seductive qualities of this city -- I will go to Angkor Wat next. This country has captivated me after 3 weeks here with one more week to experience.

More photography and stories from Cambodia are in my latest issue of Vagabond Magazine coming out soon in the iTunes store for iPads.

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