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Istria, Croatia

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A year ago I took a short road trip through Istria, Croatia to explore the medieval hilltop towns, Venitian cities, sacred churches, and the famous wine, olive oil and truffles. It is an amazing area of Croatia just across the sea from Venice. It has an incredible mix of Italian and Austrian/Hungarian influence in terms of language, architecture, and food. And it is easy to drive. Everything is within an hour or two of another place or site. We stayed in "Sobe"s which are similar to B&B's. You just look for a sign that says "sobe", knock on the door, and check it out. They are typically separated from the main house and many have a kitchen. So much cheaper than staying in a hotel and you contribute to a local persons income.

I highly encourage anyone planning a trip to Croatia to research Istria. You will not be disappointed.

Make sure to eat the truffles, try the white wine, and bring back some olive oil.

I added a link that has some more photos of Istria below

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