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Volunteer to Care for Orphaned Kangaroos

If you are dreaming of a unique experience, volunteer at the Roo Gully Sanctuary and learn how to feed and care for joeys, young wallabies and maybe a recovering kookabura. You can also rebuild fences and do other construction jobs that Carol needs done. You'll be spending a minimum of a month to learn the trade. Cost is $800 for room & board which includes pitching in to cook and clean! Go ready to work, be motivated, and find things to do without being told what to do. Carol depends on volunteers to keep her amazing grassroots sanctuary going. Someday I hope to return to Roo Gully to spend time with Carol catching up and to cuddle those wonderful joeys! If you fly in to Sydney, you might want to take the train across Australia to Perth before heading down to Boyup Brook & the roos.

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