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Travel and Tragedy, Shakespearean Style

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The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet has been remembered and read over hundreds of years, and is still the driving reason for visiting the Italian city, Verona.

Visiting, "La Casa de Giulietta" is very different from other attractions in Verona and other surrounding Italian cities. Upon entering the courtyard where Juliet's Balcony and Statue are, I caught this photograph of the wall. Love hopefuls place love notes, write their name and their significant other's name, or leave small things for Juliet. I visited right after the new year, and they still had a Christmas tree standing in the courtyard. Instead of ornaments, it was filled with love letters. It is also said that by touching the breast of Juliet's statue, it will bring you good luck!

This photo is full of love. It may be a black wall, but the colorful writing of lovers and love hopefuls give the entrance to the courtyard a warm welcome, and a modern remembrance of the historic love tragedy.

I would advise every traveler to visit not only Juliet's Balcony, but the city of Verona at least once. The city of Verona is so welcoming, and the architecture, food and history are worth the trip. The locals love living there, and the visitors don't want to leave. I encourage every traveler to visit!

Thank you!

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