20 Off-The-Grid Getaways
It’s becoming harder and harder to leave our work and gadgets behind, even on vacation. But at the following properties, all set in spectacular natural settings, you are practically forced to get away from it all. Designed to blend in with their surroundings—Himalayan valleys, desert craters, private islands—they offer seclusion, quiet, and a chance to detach from your devices, engage with the local culture, and reconnect with yourself.

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Floating Hotel on River Kwai

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"NO ELECTRICITY in the heat of Thailand? Are you crazy?" Yes, this super eco friendly hotel operates without the use of electricity. It's snugged deep inside the luscious green mountain on River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province. I was scared of the concept at first but as soon as I was being transported from the dock by a long tail boat, feeling the cool breeze from the river and admiring the scenery of jungle on both sides, my doubt started to subside. Once I saw this place which the entire hotel is made of bamboo huts connected together, floating quietly on the water, my worries completely went away.

The hotel is next to the local village where you can go visit. You can hike or do the elephant trekking. The elephants also came by to the hotel for morning visit. But the most fun activity was jumping off the dock to the river, floating downstream to the end of the huts, getting out and repeat.

The hotel prides itself on being sustainable to the environment. The flowing river underneath keeps the room cool, the oil lamp at night keeps the place bright. No TV, no computer. It's good to unplug from our busy life. Just a good book, a hammock, feel the tension melting away and let the time pass by.

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