How to Spend Two Weeks in Aruba
If you're lucky enough to have two whole weeks to explore the beautiful and alluring island of Aruba, here are the lesser-known attractions and quirky adventures that will keep you busy. When you’re not unwinding on the beach, of course.

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Where to see Flamingos in Aruba

Aruba is not so much known for its flamingos as much as its beaches and aloe. But you'll find these beautiful pink birds on Renaissance Island, which is owned by the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino in the capital city, Oranjestad. While the city itself is alive with beautiful Dutch architecture, Renaissance island is man made, and accessible via boat.

The island is a Naturalist's delight: you'll find pelicans, and gentle amphibious creatures along the Nature Walk. A great place to lie in a hammock, and take in the beautiful sunset.

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