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Haute Cuisine in the Isle of Skye

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Scotland is not known for its cuisine. And I didn't go to the Isle of Skye looking for one of the best meals I've ever had. But that's the magic of travel, your best memories are the unexpected ones.
I actually went to Red Skye trying to escape the horrendously boiled meat that was being served to me at my hotel so to come across such exceptional food and service was a bonus.
Red Skye was taken over this past year by John and Lesley Brown. Lesley greets you warmly at the door and efficiently accommodated our army of nine (all fleeing the Dunollie Hotel).
The wine list offers enough variety and quality to meet any taste (and the scotch list is even better!). If you haven't yet braved haggis, this is a good place to start. As an appetizer they served fried haggis balls, what isn't good fried? But their traditional haggis is the best I've ever had. We also shared the mussels which John informed us later had just been pulled out of the sea that afternoon, and had you tasted them you wouldn't have argued with him!
I chose the scallops with black pudding as a main. The beauty of Red Skye is they serve traditional Scottish food but with a gourmet touch which makes you willing to try just about anything.
Whether you're a scotch fan or not, don't end the night without a taste, it's the perfect end to the evening.
Red Skye is only about 20 minutes from the Skye Bridge, for local accommodation I recommend the Broadford Hotel. Red Skye alone is worth the trip to the Isle.

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