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Better Red than dead

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This is a place for those who wax nostalgic about growing up during the cold war, or for those like me who weren't alive in those days, but still have a fascination with the red menace.

RCC is a high-end boutique hotel, rooms start at 1488RMB a night, but it is well worth it. There are only five rooms in this Qing dynasty era courtyard house turned hotel and revolution era shrine, the Chairman's residence, two concubin suites (each with their own courtyard, the Edgar Snow suite, and the Han Suyin suite.

You can buy drinks and cigars, while watching propaganda films in the Bomb Shelter Bar (a former bomb shelter built by Lin Biao, Mao's righthand man. Or you can cruise the streets in Jiang Qing's Red flag Limo. RRC is truly a one of a kind experience.

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