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Quest Haven Labyrinth / Elfin Forest Symmetry

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"Two-handful-of-minutes" (& through the Elfin Forest) from Encinitas' Pacific coast, Questhaven Retreat showcases distant vistas: literally & metaphysically from chaparral & oak-covered hill tops. The grounds (640-acres) of undeveloped miles of trails lead to seasonal springs, groves of oak & olive trees & ridge-line views.

Founded in 1940 by Flower A. Newhouse as non-denominational Christian center it offers services, retreats, retreatant lodging & daily public access.

Depending upon time of year, a variety of bird species/raft of migratories on the Pac. flyway will be encountered. If staying the night, prepare for a silence broken only by occasional coyote yips or owl hoots. Arise early to take in the sun crest over the eastern horizon as you walkabout on the meditation labyrinth, or climb the Inspiration Point trail to see the sun set into the distant horizon of the Pacific. A plethora of tiny natural sanctuaries make it a refuge from the fast-paced world that suddenly feels miles & lifetimes away.

On/near the labyrinth, Bulgarian Christian Mystic Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) informs a practice to establish harmonic vibration w/ Source...images/spiritual symbols fuse sacred movement meditation & natural energy flow between vital organs & body tissue.

Walk properly to the spiral, "7- pointed-founding-sisters-inspired center", hold poised in the moment & feel the "fold-unfolding" of esoteric truth that affords a deep, experiential insight into human life.

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