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Welcomed by the atmosphere of Quebec City

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On my last holiday, the highlight was a trip to the fabulous Quebec City. Because not only does it stand out from the rest of North America, but it also sounds out as one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

As I took a step off our Royal Caribbean cruise ship, I knew we only had a limited time to visit everything we wanted to see. Our plans soon vanished though as we became more and more relaxed.

After a couple of hours, we no longer wanted to rush around and see everything. Instead, the vibe of the city and the people made us feel as though we wanted to visit a coffee shop and talk to friends. It made sound simple, but it was this that became my highlight.

Quebec City makes you feel welcome and part of their amazing culture. It welcomes you with open arms and when you feel it’s time to go, you feel as though you could have come here to see nothing but the people that live there.

I’ll definitely be going back, but with more time on my hands to truly enjoy my surroundings.

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