Where to Eat in South Beach
In Miami, South Beach restaurants are at the top of the list for those looking to try a fine-dining experience. Some of the world's best chefs have opened up along Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive. With poolside or ocean, the menu seems just a bit sweeter. If you're planning a night on the strip, or maybe just an beach view after a day on the sand, we suggest looking your best and arriving with an empty stomach. Restaurants are known for their scene in addition to the food in glittery South Beach.

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In a Town Full of Sushi, This Is the Best

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An out-of-the-way location (you need a taxi to get here from Ocean Drive or Collins Ave), but still in South Beach means that you will encounter just as many locals as tourists (if not more of the former) at this "sushi-pub." And that is a good thing.

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