The Ultimate American Baseball Stadium Tour
Nothing says summer in America like a baseball game. Grab a beer and hot dog, lather up on sunscreen and visit some of America's most iconic ball parks.

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It'll Always be The Jake to Me

Cleveland sports fans have been going through a bit of a rough patch the last few decades. No Cleveland sports team has won a championship since 1964 and all the years since, well, they've been a bit painful. At least we have super nice stadiums to suffer in.

Progressive Field (or The Jake or Jacob's Field as any Cleveland sports fan will call it) is home to MLB's Cleveland Indians. The stadium ushered in a new era of ballparks: beautiful, fan friendly parks that are as much sports shrines as they are social gathering places.

So the next time you're in Cleveland, walk up to the box office at The Jake and pick up a ticket for the outfield bleachers. You never know, the Indians might win!

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by Christina Saull
AFAR Ambassador

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