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Edinburgh's Hogmanay

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It's the kind of party that packs the city streets, clogs public transportation and leaves an entire town with hungover revelers for days following.

Yet when I told friends and family I was traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland for 'Hogmanay' over New Years, many had never even heard of it.

Now that I've been, I hope that will change. In my opinion, it's the best way to spend the oft-dreaded holiday that I've ever come across. Sure, Berlin throws a good party with their 'Silvester' as well but it still doesn't hold a candle as the saying goes.

Starting with The Torchlight Processional on 30 December every year and moving through 3 days of events which area spread out all over the Edinburgh area, there are no shortage of activities for visitors whether young or old, male or female.

Pictured here is the Carnival and Street Party but there are also dog races, concerts, dances, scavenger hunts, triathlons, multiple fireworks shows and more.

I'd recommend bringing very warm clothing, this isn't the type of New Years that should be spent in 3 inch heels and sparkly dresses, be prepared mentally for the crowds and always show up to events early, book your hotel well in advance and try to be situated on Prince Street or The Royal Mile, don't skip tickets to the Concert in the Gardens and definitely make sure you're at the front of the line near the Vikings during the Torchlight Processional (otherwise you will miss the best part on Calton Hill).

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by Kirsten Alana
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