What stories could these faces tell if they could talk

When you walk in these temples that have stood the passing of time. Think about this.... How many that have passed infront of its gaze have died and will die.

Bayon is one of the more interesting temples within the Angkor Wat complex. One of the classics and a do not miss. Although depending on what time of year you go the onslaught of tourist will be there trying to check it out. Best times to visit early morning or late afternoon to evening.

As i posted before you could rent a bike if your in good shape but best way and funner way of visiting Angkor What complex and the surrounding temples is by tuk tuk.

Also i hope you have come here with at least 3-4 days just for Siam Reap. If your in moderate shape, get up early in the morning, and rent a tuk tuk for the day you can see the main complex in about a day, day in a half with the other half day , day in a half focused to visiting the rest of the outer temples.

Ps dont forget to visit the water village but do it in the evening to see the beautiful breathtaking dawning of another day in the life of......

More photos of this complex visit..

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