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Living Graffiti in Paris

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Just spent the weekend in Paris and to get a good deal on a hotel, I chose one that was not exactly downtown but near Porte de Vincennes. Well I got quite a treat when I rounded the corner to find the place and saw this old building covered in graffiti. I mean real, proper street art and not the junk I find in Brussels where thugs write their name with a spray paint can and call it art. This building has some amazing stuff on it. I walked around the building, the two sides, admired the works and took some photos. Well, the next evening when I arrived back at the hotel there were more artists out there. Half of the stuff that was up the day before was gone. Sad in a way but the new designs were also really brilliant.

So I guess this is still, although derelict, a living breathing building. The art work changes constantly just like the artists painting on it and the city around them.

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by Michael Adubato
AFAR Local Expert
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