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Pont des Arts - Locked in Love

Paris and love are cliché. Spend enough time there and you realize it is like any other great world city; it’s a city. What tends to elevate in sometimes mythical proportions is how Paris effortlessly redefines itself on some of the simplest of tenants . On my latest trip I discovered one more reason to believe this place continues to punctuate its place on the map.
Take Pont des Arts. A pedestrian “pedestrian” bridge over the Seine near Pont Neuf, which has been transformed from utilitarian viewpoint to a work living up to its name.
Someone got the idea that attaching graffiti in the form of padlocks might make an interesting art statement. Simple in concept, complex in execution, the wire mesh railings are now covered in locks with names of lovers inscribed as a symbol of eternal connection and love. Voila. Masterpiece.
You could spend hours perusing the collection, studying, photographing, dreaming about what the owners committed to with their acts of public declaration via desecration. It is an art installation extending the Parisian perspective to street level. The city, for its part, embraces these acts of defacement in exchange for an expansion of its own identity. What a pleasure to sit there in the middle of the span and unlock the harmony surrounding you. Go, feel, act. Lock and load. Bring your love, your lock and make a contribution to public art. You'll be leaving more questions than answers about love on the Pont des Arts for the world to see.

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