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Visit Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Aotearea, Tonga, and Tahiti in a Day

When you're ready to see more of Oahu than just Waikiki, spend a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This Mormon-owned (but non-proselytizing) cultural center employs many BYU Hawaii students (the campus is next door), and takes pride in having real dancers and performers from the island cultures they represent. It's a race to catch as many shows, activities, demos, and dances as you can, but don't miss the grand canoe pageant at 2:30 (pictured). In fact, there's so much to see that your admission allows you to come back within 3 days and check out the rest (though it's closed on Sundays). If you enjoy traditional dance, plan to see their amazing evening show, "Ha: Breath of Life," a beautifully choreographed, high-budget spectacle that stands head and shoulders above the other cheesy luaus.

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