The Best Places to Eat in Portland
Portland is on the foodie map and in constant pursuit of pushing the limits of delicious. This collection singles out the significant on Eat Street.

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Ike's Wings Are Worth It at Pok Pok

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On a blistering hot day, I had to get a cab back to my hotel, so I didn’t get to explore Southeast Division very much. But make Pok Pok your destination. I was lucky I didn’t have to wait in line (it was 3 pm and HOT).

It’s all about Ike’s wings. With the honey, they taste like candy. I can’t stop thinking about them. I also recommend the drinking vinegar (I had this at their sister restaurant Ping). Luckily, there's another outpost in New York, but I always like an original!

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by Natalie Taylor
AFAR Local Expert
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