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Tackle Ecuadorian Masterchef

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Peru might have the best ceviche in the world, but Ecuador’s is pretty damn good too. At Plaza Grande hotel, Peruvian chef Erik Ramos divulges the secrets of making sublime ceviche with a private lesson in an opulent dining room. After preparing, and of course gobbling down, the locally caught prawns and sea bass in lemon, lime and creamy sauces, choose your mains. I recommend the rich seco de chivo (goat stew) accompanied by a glass of merlot. While you’re scooping the last stringy segments of meat from your plate, Erik will begin the dessert. Not just any dessert, this helado de paila is an almost mythical way of preparing a smooth fruit ice cream. The experience concludes with a sumptuous surprise, which will leave you either in hysterics or shaking in your briefs. This cooking experience is fairly new, so check out Jacada—a high-end company offering bespoke tours.

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