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This Is THE Water

After 20 years of travelling and more than 30 countries, I wouldn't dare to call myself a world traveller, neither claim I have seen the best of anything yet.. Actually, "bests" are not universal but circumstancial to the person that experiences them ( but that is the subject of a blog post one of these days). All this said, I feel comfortable enough to say that Playa El Agua in Margarita Island, is my favourite beach in the world. It is not the temperature of the water is perfect (which it is), it is not about the 4km of golden sand (and they are), it isn't either the spicy fresh oyster coktails or the satisfying fish empanadas cooked by smiling ladies; it is all about how the sunlight shines in the water and the scent of the breeze coming from the sea. It makes me feel home, and it has donde the same to many that are not from there. This is, at least for me, the best beach in the world. Enjoy

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