Pizza ! Pizza !
Pizza is one of the most beloved foods all over the world. There are lots of arguments: thin crust, thick crust, lots of cheese, no cheese....but that is what makes the exploring a joy!

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Pizza Charred to Perfection

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This place always has a wait (unless you make a reservation with party of 6 or more). Thankfully there is a bar across the street for you to whittle away the time.

It's worth the wait. Trust me. Bianco has earned a big following in Phoenix and it truly is well-deserved. It's right in downtown and is known across the country for its pizza. Don't let the crowds deter you.

The crust is my favorite part of the pizza. Charred to perfection and full of flavor, unlike most pizza crusts. Don't forget to try some of their often-overlooked salads.

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by Lindsey E Keeler
AFAR Local Expert
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