A Perfect Day in Seattle
If you can only spare a day, here's what you absolutely must see and do to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest. Start at the Pike Place Market and watch the fish-throwing, then head to the waterfront for fish and chips. Take the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square, get a tour of local rock 'n' roll history at the EMP, and finish up your day with a sunset view from the iconic Space Needle.

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Papers, berries, beans and blooms...

Yes, Seattleites sometimes get impatient with out-of-towners when trying to shop at 'their' market downtown...but all are part of the crowd, and Pike Place Market is a magnet for all. The soul of this city is for locals AND visitors.

The newsstand on the SW corner of 1st and Pike has newspapers and magazines from all over the world...go further in to the market and you'll find fresh berries and green beans guarded by a gecko--the bounty of the volcanic soil surrounding the city...and bouquets you won't find in any supermarket floral section--just a smattering of the shopping that keeps everyone coming back to "The Market."

(Note--it's not "Pike's Place"--just PIKE Place...and if you live here, "The Market.")

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