People watching outside Lisbon's iconic café

A Brasileira café is a tourist trap but it's worth paying that little bit extra for your coffee for the chance to sit in Chiado square and watch the world go by.

Street performers do their thing in front of the statue opposite the café while shoppers scurry or stroll along the street.

Tourists take it in turns to sit with the bronze statue of Fernando Pessoa, one of Portugal's most famous literary figures, and have their photo taken. Unlike he and his intellectual cronies, the tourists probably don't have an absinthe with their coffees.

The entrance to the Baixa / Chiado metro station is here, too, so it's a popular meeting spot. You could play a game with yourself and try to guess who the people sitting on the wall are waiting for.

The café has been open for over 100 years so don't forget to pop inside to admire the period décor before you leave.

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