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Palm Village - Classic Khmer Compound

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School's out! The red dirt neighborhood road is clogged with kids and bikes. They're happy and animated and hopefully paying attention to our van perilously plying their throngs. Weaving past potholes, dogs, chickens and tuk tuks, we're on our way to Palm Village. It's our Cambodian base camp while we tour the region around Siem Reap. It is a haven from the hordes that descend on this part of the country and we found it a welcome retreat from our sometimes edgy adventures. The staff are kind and professional. The food is perfect every meal, and we ate here often. We could join them in the kitchen to help with food prep while getting Khmer cooking lessons. The bamboo hut rooms are traditional, clean and very inviting. The palm bungalows integrate modern features with traditional flair. The garden is designed by one of the daughters, a master landscape architect. Palm Village is tucked away from the main part of town. It is close to the temple complexes and the staff made great arrangements for our transportation needs during our stay.
They also found us a van and an incredible guide/driver to take us up into the conflict area - Prea Vhear Temple. It was the highlight of some incredible traveling we did throughout SE Asia and would not have been the same without staff help.
The family keeping this place immaculate is kind and accommodating. After a few days it feels like home. A complete cultural experience you won't want to miss.

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by Jay Rymeski
AFAR Local Expert
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